Family history of Jawahar Lal Nehru

Indira Gandhi Real muslim Name was Maimuna Begum , since her husbandís name was Feroz Khan.

Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru was a MUSLIM by Birth , he was born in a Brothel ( 77 Mirganj , Allahabad ) run by his own supposed Father Motilal Nehru ( also a Muslim with a hindu sounding name ).

His real biological father was a Shia Muslim lawyer by the name of Mubarak Ali .

The real name of Anand Bhawan is Ishrat Manzil previously owned by Mubarak Ali ( biological father of Nehru ) .This was gifted to Motilal Nehru by Mubarak Ali , after they had together swindled the Rani of Amethi of her Estates (So only Amethi Constituency ). Motilal Nehru ran a Brothel ( also worked as a small time clerk in a Court ) in Allababad , where he met Mubarak Ali. He used to bring Kashmiri Brahmin girls & forced them into prostitution, where they produced bastard sons of Muslim men.

Father of Motilal Nehru was a Kotwal of Delhi , when mughals still ruled from Delhi , his name was purportedly to be Ganga Dhar , but his real was Ghiyazuddin Ghazi . When British stormed Delhi , this man Ghiyazuddin Ghazi escaped disguised as a Kashmiri Brahmin . First to Agra , then to Allahabad , where he started a Brothel ( with his innumerable Hindu Wives ) , where motilal Nehru was born.

Additional Details. So this Nehru Gandhi Dynasty ( or Khan Ghazi Dynasty ) is related to Mughal Dynasty .

Word Jawahar is a Arabic Word for PEARL , could not have been known to a Kashmiri Brahmin Least of all , no true Brahmin family will keep a Arabic name for his son.

Usually Only Sanskrit names are only given by Brahmin families. Both Motilal Nehru & His Son Jawaharlal were given to a life of Debauchery . Sheikh Abdullah ( Father of Farooq Abdullah ) was the Bastard Son of Motilal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru Died of STD disease called Syphillis ( Not Heart Attack ).

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