Jawahal Lal Clan History.

Ghiyauddin Ghazi descendant Clan and Mountbetten
Funny STD Infected Jawahar Lal

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Jawahar Lal Clan TRUTH

The clan starts with the Mughal man named Ghiyasuddin Ghazi. He was the City Kotwal i.e. police officer of Delhi prior to the uprising of 1857, under the Mughal rule. After capturing Delhi in 1857, in the year of the mutiny, the British were slaughtering all Mughals everywhere. The British made a thorough search and killed every Mughal so that there were no future claimant to the throne of Delhi. So, the man Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (the word means kafir-killer) adopted a Hindu name Gangadhar and thus saved his life by the subterfuge. Ghiyasuddin Ghazi apparently used to reside on the bank of a canal (or Nehr) near the Red Fort. Thus, he adopted the Nehru family name. The 13th volume of the “Encyclopedia of Indian War of Independence” (ISBN:81-261-3745-9) by M.K. Singh states it elaborately. The Government of India have been hiding this fact.

Ghazi ran away to UP from Delhi and opened a whore house. His prostitute gave birth to a boy and they named him as Motilal.

Jawahar Lal was son of Motilal Nehru.

JL Nehru's only daughter, Indira was a woman of excellent????????? character. She gave birth to Rajiv who was fathered by Feroze Gandhi.

The other son she gave birth to was named Sanjay Gandhi, He was fathered by Mohammed Younus.

So it should be clear to you that the Congress still is a Moghul party, now backed by ex-Italians and foolish selfish Indians.

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By Sham Singh
Message: I have read somewhere that JL Nehru had died of Venereal Disease. I think his descendants have inherited the bad genes too.

By Satya
Message: How true. Feroze Gandhi's grandson is now visiting hindu temples even though he is a Mogul / Italian